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What is a title loan?
Also commonly referred to as a pink slip loan or loans on Title, it is a short term loan secured using the Title, or certificate of ownership, to a California registered car, light truck, motorcycle, or boat. A consumer can receive up to $50,000 and continue to enjoy the vehicle while the loan is active. We offer one of the fastest funding times in California - in 45 minutes or less, you could have the cash in hand that you need. Simply complete an online application, chat with a live agent, or call to pre-qualify.

How can I qualify?
If you have a car or light truck with a wholesale value of $5,000 or more, you are pre-qualified to receive at least $2,600. Classic Cars Welcome!

Why should I choose Royal Loan Co.'s car title loan program?
Ask yourself - do I like saving money? If you do, we welcome you to apply for our title loan program that offers the lowest starting rate in California. Save $300 or more within months when compared to most other title loan lender rates - click here to find out how!

Can I pay off early?
Yes! The program offered by Royal Loan Co. offers no pre-payment penalty terms.

What are the loan terms?
Two, three, or four year fully amortized loan terms with no pre-payment penalties and no balloon payments are offered. Because we don't offer any interest only terms our title loan programs help you pay down the amount borrowed with each payment you make!

How do I apply?
Click here to begin your application process or call 877-91LOAN1. You may also chat with a live agent.

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